AkwaMagTM has been developed through a deep understanding of magnetohydrodynamics, which is the interaction between magnets and moving water. Our patent pending High Intensity MultipassTM technology converts lime-scale into a structure that is easily and safely carried through water systems by minimizing its surface adhesion. Benefits include eliminating hard scale buildup, improving comfort, saving money, and improving appliance, plumbing and equipment lifespan!

AkwaMagTM empowers you with a better choice for water softening that requires no salt change-outs and no maintenance!

Today’s Hard Water Challenge:

  • Hard water scale damages pipes and appliances, and creates unsightly scale on fixtures, equipment, appliances, dishes and shower glass.
  • Current solutions require too much maintenance, are expensive and damage our already fragile clean-water sources with salt pollution.

How AkwaMagTM Can Help:

  • No maintenance& easy installation
  • Inexpensive to own & operate (lower total cost of ownership than the other softeners)
  • Highly effective
  • Saves water & protects the environment—no salt needed
  • Water is not “slippery” after rinsing

AkwaMagTM is backed by a strong team, including partners from NASA-Ames, San Jose State University and expert advisors.

Click here for a video introduction to the AkwaMagTM