SBIO SB San Diego Innovation Open, 2014 Semifinalist
  Salty, hard water? AkwaMag wants to soften things up
  AkwaMag uses no salt and saves homeowners thousands of gallons of water every year.
 PRNewswire AkwaMag, a Cleantech Open Accelerator Startup, Launches Fundraising Campaign To Commercialize a Breakthrough Sustainable Water Softener

New Magnetic Water Softening Solution is Effective and Sustainable
 CTO_Semifinalist_2013  CleantechOpen 2013 Semifinalist



A Little History

AkwaMagTM is the latest spin-off from Viridis Earth Technologies, which has developed award winning technologies that foster human comfort with minimal footprint on the environment. Products from Viridis Earth have achieved the following awards.

2010: CTSI Utility Technology Challenge Winner (AC Research Lab Inc.)

2009: California Clean Innovation Fast Pitch Competition Finalist (HelioMist)

2008: CleanTech Open Winner (Viridis Earth)