AkwaMagTM uses advanced magnetic water softening technology to replace existing water softening products.

If you live in a hard water region and don’t have a water softener, hard water can cause thousands of dollars in damage, degradation and repair costs.


Unlike existing water softeners, AkwaMag’sTM patent-pending High Intensity Multipass™ technology can process unlimited water capacity without maintenance. Our technology is 100% passive and does not require energy for softening and the system never needs to be recharged. Furthermore, it saves water costs by reducing between 10,000 and 25,000 gallons of water per year from direct water discharge, plus reduced water usage for tasks like washing hands, hair and dishes resulting from the “slippery” feeling of water treated by salt-based systems. See how it works. Unfortunately, other available softeners like reverse osmosis, activated carbon, nanocrystal seeding, and strapped-on magnets are either very expensive or ineffective.

Virtually all buildings and commercial concerns (hotels, restaurants, apartments, hospitals, health clubs, shopping centers, office buildings, car washes, etc.) are subject to hard water damage from lime scale formation.For these businesses, first impressionsare of critical importance. Unsightly limescale on shower heads and faucets, water stains on dishware, and “slippery” water from salt-based softeners create a negative, dirty impression.

Water hardness and build up cost businesses millions of dollars annually in maintenance, plumbing repairs and premature replacement of equipment. Operations and building managers are always under pressure to cut costs, become more efficient and, unlike ever before, be environmentally sustainable.The environmental concerns and costs will continue to mount as increasing legislation is enacted at the local, state and federal levels.

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AkwaMagTM reduces the amount of energy and water needed for commercial operations. AkwaMag’sTM unlimited processing potential and custom design allows it to enhance a variety of systems and processes. Just a few of the many possibilities include:

  • Water Fixtures
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing Machines
  • Water Heaters
  • Plumbing & Irrigation Systems
  • Evaporators & Misters

Problems Solved

  • Excessive cleaning to eliminate scale buildup
  • Reduced water spotting on dishware
  • High cost associated with appliance maintenance
  • Deterioration in appliance or equipment function
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Narrowed or blocked pipes from scaling
  • Increased energy costs from pumping water through scaled pipes

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Commercial systems are designed for inline connection, to minimize system footprint, and with minimal flow restrictions. Ease of installation allows for on-sight maintenance workers to install the system. If assistance is required, the AkwaMagTM team can also install the system. Please contact us for additional details, or requesting a free water test kit and quotation.

Please email info@akwamag.com or call us at 408-622-1088 to Request a Quotation. For AkwaMagTM product list: please click here.