Our founder was trained as a chemist, but for 30 years he was not aware of how dirty and harmful his water supply has been. He cares about your health and wishes you have healthy water. As a public benefit corporation, we decide to price these filters at cost so that our customers can enjoy healthy water supply at an affordable price.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE 2-STAGE SEDIMENT & CARBON FILTRATION SYSTEM that reduces rust, particulates, chlorine, and harmful VOC in the water while improving taste and odor.

The AkwaMagTM team has developed a complete water solution for any residential or commercial property with its modular filtration systems that reduce sediment, chlorine, lead, mercury, arsenic, iron, nitrate, organic chemicals (TOC), minerals and organisms. AkwaMag’s modular design allows for each purification system to meet the unique need of our customers. We offer the largest capacity filters to maximize filter cartridge lifetime. Our filtration systems are designed to work in tandem with AkwaMagTM water softeners.





Single Housing Twin Filtration Triple Housing


Purification Products
Pricing include filter housing and mounting brackets.